THE SCHOLAR OF BONES: Introversion, Obsession, Self-Awareness, Arrogance. The bearer looks only within themselves for answers. Acute knowledge of the self and of the body leads to spiritual fulfilment and powerful self-control. Rewards are plentiful only if the bearer complies with the solutions found within. Negative connotations include self-obsession and thoughtlessness - A lack of consideration towards others. When inverted The Scholar Of Bones indicates a severe denial of the self. This may surface in the bearer as hypocrisy and extreme perversion. If revealed in relation to The Mistress Of Sloth, this card denotes excessive paranoia and unrequited lust. If revealed in relation to The Black Sun, this card signifies a formidable control of the Self and a social shortsightedness that can lead to unfeeling hatred and xenophobia. However, against The Messiah, this card can be seen as a benevolent sign, shorn of egotism and sated with self-sacrifice, the bearer may prove to be the bedrock of future thought and deliberation.